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Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

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100% mulberry silk pillowcase.
Give your skin and hair the care they deserve.

A natural protein fibre, silk does not conduct static electricity, thus helping reduce hair breakage (the dreaded bed head). Unlike cotton, silk does not draw moisture away from your skin and hair. Instead it promotes a proper moisture balance and allows any face creams etc to be absorbed into your skin rather than into your pillow.

For the highest benefit to your skin & hair, we've kept our silk pillowcases their natural colour, so there are no dyes or chemicals used to whiten or colour them. The colour is a beautiful pearled ivory with a hint of cream. Unlike traditional silk, our silk is made from the silk cocoon after the silk moth has emerged. The unique production process of our eco-friendly mulberry silk results in a beautifully soft mulberry silk with a texture like that of a fine linen, and a more matte lustre than the shiny finish seen in traditional silk. 

Caring for silk

Momme weight 19.

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