At LUUP, we aim to disrupt the status quo of the fashion industry. An industry responsible for 10% of worldwide C02 emissions, 20% of freshwater pollution, and many other scary stats.

We are 100% transparent regarding the products and brands presented on our platform and aim to always share our sustainability journey with honesty even if we don’t always get it right.

The same definitely can’t be said about many fast fashion players that shall not be named for legal reasons… Our mission is to help the LUUP community see through the plethora of greenwashing that currently exists and create a space for you to transition towards a sustainable lifestyle more easily.  

At LUUP, we recognise that being able to shop ‘sustainable’ is a privilege. To help our little planet, we should all reduce our consumption collectively. Sustainable fashion is more expensive for many reasons, but it is also technically cheaper. The trade-off for a higher price point is you get timeless clothes that are durable and that will actually last you. Of course, this requires a conscious shift to buy less if you want to stick to the same budget. We want to help facilitate this lifestyle shift. You’ve got this!


But how do we guarantee sustainability at LUUP you ask?

We’ve done the homework, so you don’t have to, and carefully picked the brands we present on the platform. However, don’t take our word for it, trust the leading independent source of sustainability ratings for fashion. At LUUP we always knew it was vital for us to partner with an expert organisation like Good On You to rigorously assess the sustainability of our partner brands. It’s only through collaboration that we will be able to create real change in the fashion industry and champion sustainable fashion together. 

Their sustainability framework is defined over 3 key impacts:

  • People
  • The Planet
  • Animals


Good On You Ratings

The vetting methods employed by Good On You are aligned with LUUP's goal to increase accessibility to sustainability through transparency and comprehensible ratings.

  • Brands rated “Great” are those that demonstrate leadership in all three categories—planet, people and animals. They are typically very transparent and have both strong policies and strong assurance (e.g. from one or more broad-based certifications) to address the most material issues across their supply chain.
  • Brands rated “Good” are those that have adopted policies and practices to manage multiple material issues across their supply chain and are often demonstrating leadership in one or more areas.
  • Brands rated “It’s a Start” are those that are transparent about their policies and practices to manage some material issues and are making good progress on one or more of them. 
  • Brands rated “Not Good Enough” are those that disclose some information in one or more areas and consider some of the material issues, but are not yet adequately managing their impacts across their supply chains. 
  • Brands rated “We Avoid”are those that disclose little to no relevant or concrete information about their sustainability practices. In some cases the brand may make ambiguous claims that are unlikely to have a material impact.

Only brands with a high enough rating will feature on LUUP, so either “Good” or “Great”! We only showcase the best of the best to enable YOU to make better sustainable choices.

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